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Every man's skincare journey is unique.

See what the men of DURO have to say.

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I really love DURO products. The Advanced package is fantastic, it helped repair my skin and it feels amazing. The face scrub helps deep clean and clear out my pores and leaves my face fresh, the bio wash gel- I can feel it working to really get a good clean and the moisturizer is awesome - I feel refreshed and my skin just feels better with it! I can't say enough good things about DURO.

Jason S. 

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I've been looking for a skin care system that I could stick to and that is simple for a long time. DURO brings both of those together. They have different products that are part of a 3 step process which is easy to follow. Oh, and the stuff works - I'm a sucker for vegan products and the face wash is one of my favorites. The face scrub is great at removing dirt and grime from your face. And the day cream really makes my skin soft, clear, and hydrates.

Robin. K.


I have been using DURO Skincare for over two months now. I am so impressed with the results I have been seeing. I have had lots of comments from people around me saying how great my skin is looking. I love the products I am using. Bio Wash gel, Day cream and Eye cream. Each product is beautiful in consistency and fantastic quality. I have loved my experience with the website and email services I have received. Overall, a fantastic experience.

Joe M. 

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DURO is my new favourite skincare brand, they use such sleek and crisp designs and the products are of the highest quality!

I’ve always been jealous of the wonderfully lavish facial routines used by my female friends and now I finally have them asking me to use my products! Thanks DURO you really have lit up my life.

Tommy L.

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